Floors with gaps / discontinuity

Im using ladybug, honeybee tools for my thesis, and wanted to do energy and daylight analysis. The building is 4 floors with some gaps (or discontinuity) in the floors, sort of like this image:

(source: https://www.guggenheim.org)

Now when I try to make different breps for each floor, it gives an error for not being ‘closed’, and if the try to make one huge zone for the entire building, it neglects the floors inside and I am unable to analyse the daylighting on each floor level.
Any suggestions how i should proceed?
Thanks in advance.

Figured it out :slight_smile:
Made different zones of each floor, with a floor and ceiling, and linked them to Masses2Zones, worked fine.

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Hi akshit.gupta, I am doing something similar to this with floors with holes in them to separate levels however looking at thermal comfort. Would I be able to have a look at your file to see how you defined your zones?


Hi oscar,
For making gaps in the floors, you need to make the make the breps with proper orientation of the faces of the masses. As in, all the surfaces should face outwards for honeybee to recognise the different elements as floors, ceilings, walls etc.

After wednesday i can share my file with you too, just a bit busy these days and i will need to clean the file first.


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Hi akshit

By breps with proper orientation of the faces of the masses, do you mean within Rhino, the surfaces that you wish to have as a gap in the floor has to have the “normal” facing the correct direction?

Hi oscar,
yes, the normals of all the faces of the mass should face outwards, which you can either do within Rhino or grasshopper.
I am attaching the file, which i cleaned to a great extent, and wrote some stuff to make it easier to understand.
feel free to ask me if you have doubts…

floor with gaps_daylight.gh (650.6 KB)