Following Ladybug installation instructions but won't run (Windows 10)

I keep trying to install the latest version of the plugin. First thing I do is open it in Grasshopper, and the components appear but with the message displayed in the image, and pressing the toggle button on either one doesn’t work. I tried installing iron python 2. 7. 8. but as it turns out i have an even newer version than that so i don’t think that’s the issue. Im a total beginner with scripts.

What Service Release of Rhino 6 are you using? We recommend using 6.22 or above as noted here:

Yeah, I have an earlier version it seems, so I tried with ladybugs previous version and got it to appear in the GH toolbar, but now it seems the ladybug wont fly. Any possibility for why this could happen?

@SantiagoSilva ,

It seems the easiest way to fix everything is to just upgrade your Rhino service release. Also, you should not install IronPython standalone as it’s possible that this could interfere with the IronPython that ships with Rhino (I at least know that Dynamo’s IronPython has interfered with Rhino’s IronPython in the past).