Font issue in Honeybee

I’m following the 3rd tutorial by Chris Mackey. However, the font for display surface attributes looks strange (see below). Can anybody advise how to solve this problem? Thanks!

Hi Grashope

Ive never seen that happen before, would you like to send me your Grasshopper file an I’ll take a look -



thanks, Anton!

The file is downloaded from the dropbox link posted on Chris’ tutorial on youtube, and I didn’t change nothing:…


Thanks for posting this as a discussion. I wrote you a response in the LB+HB page comments but here it is again for the sake of other users who find this discussion:

The text looks like that because your Rhino model tolerance is not fine enough to capture all of the detail of the text. Type “Units” into the Rhino command bar and drop your tolerance down to a smaller value. Then re-compute or re-open the GH file.


Thank you very much, Chris! You suggestion solves the problem.

I have problems using Baskerville font