Formatting Object Parameter Text on Graph


Is is it possible to bring the text from an object parameter into Rhino in addition to a 3D chart? I’m setting up a 3D chart and would like to provide more information next to the chart than what’s provided in the default legend. In this case I’d like to provide the percent of time comfortable, percent of heat stress, and percent cold stress below the graphical chart output. See example image below. I typed that information below the graph, but I would like for it to be “smart” and update for each location.

Also, is it easy to reformat the text in the legend? I’d like to condense the information and break up each comfort setting to its own line.

Thank you,


Hi Reid,

The easiest solution is hide the default values and create your own. Check this discussion as an example.

More flexibility to overwrite the titles is one of the changes that will happen in ladybug[+].