Formfinding, parametric printing patterns and daylight analysis of adaptive etfe cushions

Hello everybody,

i am currently working on daylight and thermal simulation of printed three layer membrane cushion constructions. Here is my current gh script, since I am a new forum user: bwSync&Share

Thereby I have the following questions:

  • I did not specify ETFE thickness when finding the shape with Kangaroo, so I am uncertain if the shape is correct. Can anyone help me with this? Is the created shape plausible and suitable for the given inner pressures?
    -Do you know how I can apply a simple pattern (horizontal stripes) to the cushion shape created with Kangaroo2?
  • Can anyone help me with creating the BSDF / transmission matrix for the 3/5 phase simulation? Can I do this in Rhino?

Next, I would use the BSDF for two different facade conditions to do the daylighting simulation and then the angle dependent g-value simulation using Modelica. For this I only need the BSDF of each layer for the solar spectral range, instead of the visual range. I can get the rest on my own. Does anyone know how I can create this BSDF?

Thanks in advance and best regards


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Hello, I have the same question.If you solve these problems, could you please share your GH file or your ideas and methods? Thanks