From where can I get detailed information about the Heatcool HVAC and All air HVAC template

I cant deconstruct the Heatcool HVAC and All air HVAC template. So how will I know the input details if i select residential AC with base board electricity from the Heatcool HVAC template?
Is there any site where i can get what the options in these template means? like what does VRF mean and what is the input values for this option?

Please help me with this as selecting different options changes my energy results a lot.

Perhaps you need an Openstudio Application. from which you can directly preview the OSM file, view (and modify) information about any component in the HVAC system.

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So, is there no website that tells the meaning of the options available in Heatcool HVAC template?
Because if it is a template in honeybee, there must be some place where the description for all option of template is mentioned. I just couldn’t find that. I can’t even deconstruct template to know the description.

Please help me with this.

Hi @Shubhanshi ,

The easiest way to find out is the openstudio Application as @ZhengrongTao has pointed out.
It has a really useful UI in which all parts of the system are visible. The template systems used in Honeybee are written by Mathew Dahlhausen from NREL. These templates are very detailed and you have to be very careful with them. You can find more information on this forum like here:


So, the open studio application will give the details of the Heatcool HVAC system used ? Like the COP and efficiency?

Yes, and a lot more.

I am trying to open the .osm file (from my rhino energy simulation) in open studio application. I have used VRF template in Heat cool HVAC component. I just want to know the COP detail of the system. Where can I find this? Are there any tutorial to understand where to get COP detail of the Heatcool HVAC template option (Example VRF) in open studio application?

I am new to rhino and open studio application. So, i am facing this issue.

I don’t want to make big changes in HVAC SYSTEM but do want to understand the difference between few Heatcool HVAC template from honeybee.

Hi @Shubhanshi ,

The Rated COP of VRF systems can be found here in the OpenStudio App:

But bear in mind that this is just the rated COP, which is much like the fuel rating of a car. That is, this is just the COP under some standard conditions and the actual performance of the unit is dictated by the outdoor conditions at a particular hour, the demand of the building, and the performance curves of the VRF unit.

NREL has produced some good tutorials that walk you through the interface of the OpenStudio App. This one is pretty good for understanding the basics of the HVAC UI:

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