Funny results with Incident Radiation 1.0.0 component

Hi everybody.

I am simulating the yearly global radiation on a photovoltaic roof with an inclination of 5° towards south. I get funny results: the surface after the calculation is divided into stripes (?).
I attach some image

The geometry is really simple. Someone has an idea about what could have happened?

Thank you very much!


Update: It happens with the version 1.1.0 as well.

Update: It happens with LB-Legacy too.

Someone can please help me?

It can be many things.
The best is to upload the file.

Thank you @AbrahamYezioro
You can find the file here. There are both the versions of LB

Radiation (430.8 KB)


The reason is very simple: Since the surface is totally exposed to the sun, all grids are having the same value. If you see the legend you’ll see that the whole scale has the same value. The whole range of colors is used but in reality they represent the same result. If you add some context you’ll see immediately the issue fixed (which in reality is not an issue really). Sorry that didn’t payed attention to your image above which shows this exactly.

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@AbrahamYezioro thank you.
Yes, it makes a lot of sense.
Actually the surface has an inclination of 5°. Perfectly horizontal surfaces give me an uniform red colour in the visualization. That’s why I was thinking that the stripes could be a signal of some error somewhere.

So with a proper legend-par component the visualization problem will be solved, right?
Thank you so much!!