gbXML Viewer analysis of doors & windows

I am teaching myself how to use REVIT and gbXML to analyse heat loads for buildings. I used the gbXML viewer to see REVIT’s output file. However, I noted that it gave me no inforamtion regarding the doors or windows, so i cannot tell if they have repeated adjacent spaces or any other errors. Can someone assist me by pointing me in the direction i should be looking to correct this?

Please note that in R12 we can only see opening but can not interact with them.
In version R13 we can do it. Please go to Left menu, Reports and then opening…

you can arrange them in different ways

I hope this answer your question…
If there is anything interesting that you are looking for that we can add please let us know :slight_smile:

ps. there is alternative option R14, where you can select in 3D

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Thia indeed answers my question. Thanks alot. I was using R11, did not realise that there were updated releases(I discovered the gbxml viewer 3 days ago).

I am not sure if this is the appropriate medium to ask this, but I would like to contribute to the project. However coding is not my strongpoint. If there is any other means i could contribute, or do so via monetary contribution, please let me know, Your program is awesome! :+1:


Developer here.

We need help with writing/marketing/community management and also testing.

We really need our butts kicked in adding the things you really need - not just things we do for fun.

Thank you for your kind thoughts. Feel free to double click.

I can try my hand at testing or community management. Send me a message on what are the requiremments and the steps for the process to do so.

Sure we are always happy with @TheoA to have people joining us on this journey :slight_smile:
we are the community