gbXML Viewer R11.12.6 is up. Add CAD Object ID edits

A fix to one of @MichalDengusiak’s wish list items. Also a symbolic step: gbXML Viewer is now adding new data to a gbXML file.

HUD ~ Heads-up Display Module

  • Select and add a new CAD Object ID to any surface even if the current ID is undefined
    • Previously: put up an alert and ignored the change request
  • ‘Save edits’ button saves the edits to a new gbXML file

SAV ~ Save Changes Module

  • If a surface has no defined CAD Object ID, responds to a request to change CAD Object ID by adding a new ID to the surface
  • ‘Save changes’ button saves the changes to the make changes json file for reuse on later versions of the gxXML file