gbXML Viewer - release

Today I am very pleased and honoured to present and release to everyone – new brother of Ladybug Tools – Spider. It is free and open source, 3D and viewable in your browser. Please find introduction video .

Now your gbXML can be fixed and updated. Obviously this is first steps as lots of stuff can be improved in this area but here we are. I am looking forward your comments and Happy Model Viewing and Fixing.

Please use this Ladybug Tools forum to share your experience

All thanks to @TheoA for amazing work and collaboration.



One of the authors here.

Thanks for all the coaching in making gbXML Viewer a useful tool in moving gbXML data from app like Revit to apps like TAS and Open Studio. I look forward to collaborating on making these tools faster, easier and smarter.

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Great work @TheoA, and @MichalDengusiak I’m excited to use this! I’ve been working a lot in Revit recently, and this looks extremely useful for testing out their gbXML export function.


Excellent tool for use with revit as Saeran pointed out. Thanks a lot @MichalDengusiak and @TheoA!

Thank you very much for your kinds words @SaeranVasanthakumar and @devang and all other users that Liked this post. Our mission with @TheoA as the first step is to allow quick and userfreinedly way viewing model in the browser on any platform. Child-friendly operation. Also, ability to find and then fix common gbXML issues. I am thinking here especially about gbXMLs from Revit. Even perfectly build models come with many warnings and errors that are not fixable by any tool right now. However, it works not only to Revit gbXML but with all gbXML whatever source. This is just beginning of our journey so I hope that Ladybug Tools objects will at some point read spider perfectly generated gbXML. So Spider and Honeybee hand by hand will explore digital world and improve current modelling capability to allow build better buildings. Happy model fixing…

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