Generate contour lines from the results mesh in Ladybug

Hey everyone,

I seem not to find a solution …I have made a small shadow study of a couryard and I want to create contours for each value out of the mesh generated by the Ladybug Sunlight Hours Analysis component.




Could you attach your GH file along with an explaination in the GH file of what you are trying to achieve. Its not clear to me what you are trying to achieve here.


Hi Mihail, Check this Hydra. It’s pretty easy to generate a 3D Mesh with the new Re-ColorMesh component and you can use Grasshopper’s contour to contour the mesh.

Thank you, Mostapha.

This will prove to be helpful.

Thanks to both of you for responding! Sorry for not making it more clear Anton, however Mostapha understood what I meant.

It looks easy now when I see it :slight_smile:

I would open a new discussion. The process in the Hydra file actually works with a 3d mesh. There is no such a warning in the component. You’re probably using the new component and not the one in this example.

Hi! I want to make contour lines that stretch around the complex geometry of a building. Ive done a Vertical Sky Component study and want to map the contour results on the building facade.

However, mesh needs to be planar for this component to work, or it needs to be a 3d mesh created by LB colour mesh. Is this correct? Is it possible to do what I want done?

Hi Ludvig, The way the contours are generated right now is by extruding the mesh and then calculate mesh plane intersection. There are mathematical solutions to find the contours based on points and values but I haven’t tried them myself. Here is the d3 example:

I also found this:…