Generate Hourly Altitude & Azimuth Information including the Night Time

Hi all,

I am trying to pull out the Altitude and Azimuth data during the course of the year but still want to include Azimuth and Altitude angle information after sunset (e.g. negative values). The current Sunpath component only shows when sun is up, so numbers do not match with 8760 lists.

I found a similar question in the forum ( but it still does not work on my end although I followed the step what @mostapha suggested. Sorry I am still beginner in Python.




Does anyone can help me to solve the problem?

Thank you very much,

Hi @seung,

you should fix the indentation. Please, take a look at this example.
You can also customize the component, for example adding a new output to check if the sun is up or down. (31.1 KB)


Hi @AntonelloDiNunzio,

It is clear and works beautifully well after your touch!

Thank you very much for your help.