Generate test points - Irregular grid

Hi all,

I recently ran into an issue where the grid generated from the “Generate Test Points” components returns an irregular grid.

I am using dynamo to automate the room boundary lines and then using Grasshopper to create the geometry needed to execute a daylight analysis. The issue occurs when the room boundary line, which I use to generate the test grid, is non-rectangular. After automating surface culling, the simulation runs ok but because of the placement of the calculation points, the simulation returns an irregular result.

The test surface is generated rather simply, by using the “Boundary surface” components

This results in an irregular surface, which can be seen by looking at the mesh representation of the surface:

I can manually set up components to clean the surface to generate a “clean” surface

Is there a way to do this more efficiently?

I am running the simulation for roughly 300 room boundaries, most of which are non-rectangular. My concern is that this method will fail in certain complex cases.

See this: None Uniform Grid

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Ahh, brilliant! Just what I was looking for. Thanks!