Generated EPW file and is not being read

Hi there,
I have generated future epw file using a program called epwshiftr

I am trying to run building energy simulation with it and it keeps giving an error saying

  1. Solution exception:invalid literal for float():

and I am not quite sure where to start looking for the error… and I am a new user so I cannot upload the files…

If anyone could help,
thanks in advance!

Compare it with the official file and check whether the type of data is integer or floating point and whether the number of decimal places is the same for each type of data.

Thank you for your reply!
But it still is not working… I have changed the minute column to 60 which was originally 0.

and now it is giving me “1. Solution exception:invalid integer number literal”

I wish I could share the epw file… but it won’t allow me since I am a new user… I will at least share the screen shot. (238.3 KB)

This is the Epw file that I generated through epwshiftr software

Thank you guys in advance

Maybe try reading the generated EPW file with tools like this and make sure there are no errors?

Also noticed that you’re taking weather data from 1974~1979 - not sure how meaningful the future EPW file will be if you’re working with such outdated file to begin with.

I verified that the fundamental issue is that the EPW can’t be imported:

Specifically, it seems that there are completely missing values for opaque sky cover:

The creators of this EPW should be using the “missing value” of 99 in this place instead of leaving it as empty text. Chapter 2.9.1 of the EnergyPlus Reference is pretty clear about this