Generating Butterfly case



I’m trying to generate OpenFOAM cases with Butterfly, with the idea to run the case on Linux machine. However, it seems that it requires opening Rhino with admin access, to be able to generate all cases. This is annoying because of the IT policy of the company. Is there a way to bypass this? Modifing the

Anyone got some clues? Thanks.



The admin has been changed to optional long time ago. Try to update your installation.


Thanks Mostapha. I downloaded the latest from Food4Rhino. It says the RunManager has a updated date as 2/10/2017.

After I copy all files from Github and copy them into the folder, it comes with another error saying
Cannot import name loadOFPointsFile

Can you help to identified this issue? Thanks.



Just to clarify, It works well if I only copy the RunManager but thought good to let you know the error message.