Generating room names

Hi @Chris and the rest of the team.

I have started to play a bit around with the new Honeybee components.
First of all compliments for the accelerated speed of the new tools.
This really works much better.

But then some questions/remarks:

With the old components I could send a list of zones, zone-names and programs through the Honeybee_Mass2Zone component. This was practical because in that way I could stream the whole building through one pipeline.

When I tried this with the new components I discovered the amount of Rooms that were genarated were squared. Honeybee itself was generating unique names. This means I have no controle anymore over the roomnames.
I managed to bypass this problem by grafting the room input. I hope this is allowed and does not give me problems with the simulation itself. The same I would like to do with construction sets and programs.

Old versus new workflow:

Bypassing automatic name generating:

Hey @Erikbeeren ,

Grafting the inputs is a perfectly acceptable solution and it’s what I am going to recommend for the time being. But I realize that the old workflow could be nice as you could just work with flattened lists of values without getting into the complexity of data trees. So I’ll send a commit today to implement the old workflow on the “HB Room from Solid” component. It’s going to slightly increase the runtime of the component when only one name/constructionset/program is input but not in a significant way (it will just add ~20 milliseconds to the runtime when used with 100 zones). And this will be much faster than grafting for your case.

Note that, after I implement this, the grafting will still work as before. You’ll just have the option of not grafting if you don’t want to.

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@Erikbeeren ,

I opened an issue for changing over various honeybee-grasshopper-core “Create” components:

I realized that, because this one involves a bit of a departure from the stable release, I think I may wait just another week or two to implement it. I’d like to see if I can round up any last small bug fixes that people report on the forum before I start refactoring components. But this will be implemented soon enough.

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I changed my mind about it being a departure from the stable release since I was able to change the “LB Sync Grasshopper File” component to automatically update the change of inputs to list-access without having to manually replace the component. So, if you are using yesterday’s development release or greater, you no longer need to graft the inputs.