Geo connecting with HBSurface shows error in HB[+]

Dear all,

Thanks for your time.
I am new to HBPlus, and just start creating a simple box room to simulate sDA and ASE.
When I connected wall geometry to HBSurface, it has error coming out “1. Solution exception:‘module’ object has no attribute ‘isplus’”:

Then I tried to connected geometry to HBToRad then to HBSurface, it seems no error but the output of HBToRad is null:

Any suggestions would be appreciated!


Thank you for replying!
I did just like what you showed, but it doesn’t work.
error message: 1. Solution exception:‘module’ object has no attribute ‘isplus’

Hi @catsquito,

Like this it should work. If you want to name the sufaces you have to take into account that every surface has to have a unique name. With three surfaces three names. Without giving names to the surfaces Honeybee will do it for you.

Hi @Erikbeeren,

Thanks for your replying.
As I am new to HB[+] and haven’t worked on HB for a few years, I am wondering if I installed HB[+] and LB[+] correctly, or there is any conflict because of the HB and LB versions I am using.

I am currently using LB VER 0.0.67 (NOV_20_2018) and HB VER 0.0.64 (DEC_05_2018)

The HB[+] and LB[+] I have look like below:
HB[+] version is 0.0.04


If they are different version from yours, it would be great if you can let me know.
Any suggestions will be appreciated!


Hi @catsquito,

This is a new subject. You need to create a new topic.
But to answer your question, I do not use HB[+] because energy simulation is not yet in there.

Hi @Erikbeeren
Thanks for the suggestion!
I will create a new post :slight_smile: