Geometry error with 3 phase method

Hello everyone,
I tried to use 3 Phase method with one of Mostapha’s example file named Honeybee_Grid-based_Daylight_Simulation_Example_III and added a 3 phase simulation recipe to it using Honeybee[+] and I am getting the following geometry error. Are a combination of trimmed and untrimmed surfaces in HBsurface causing this error?

I also tried the 3 phase recipe with one other file I am working on ("3_phase_method_soham) and got the same error.

Please find both the grasshopper files attached (516.4 KB) (635.4 KB)

Geometry files for 3_phase_method_soham

Ceiling1.rad (307 Bytes) ExteriorWalls1.rad (2.0 KB) Floor1.rad (277 Bytes) Glazing.rad (170 Bytes) Ground.rad (194 Bytes) InteriorWall1.rad (2.3 KB) Table1.rad (185 Bytes) Table2.rad (185 Bytes)