Geometry Import for Dummies

Wondering if we’re trying to do something overly complicated here, but I’m feeling like an idea workflow would be Revit -> gbxml -> Honeybee.

Just starting to explore the gbxml capabilities of Revit without huge successes so far… but having a decent gbxml seems like it would be handy for load calculation AND energy modeling workflows.

Does anyone use this process, or is this still just a decent idea without real application?

Guess what I’m really asking here is what the preferred setup of spaces or rooms is in Revit for the best GBXML translation as well as Revit export settings (which obviously we’ll be able to check out in Spider Maevia.

Hi,@SarahG Honeybee can import gbXML file and change to HBzones for energ modeling.
Now I import an official gbxml file to Honeybee. You can download this gbXML file from

Hi - I guess the real issue is with converting Revit geometry to something that Honeybee can use. I don’t know anything about Revit but as far as file exchange is concerned, you can run Rhino (and therefore also Grasshopper) inside of Revit and file exchange is not an issue.

Revit is doing quite a bit with 2020.1 and System Analysis. Basically, they made the gbXML translation more robust and baked OpenStudio inside Revit. If you want to, you can still export the gbXML to use with your Honeybee workflow in Rhino.

Thanks Luis! I’ll give this a watch also. Appreciate it!