Geometry Uniform Grid for the DirectSunHours component

Hallo Dear @mostapha,
sorry if I disturb you.

I wanted to ask you, if has ever been taken in consideration to be able to edit the sensor grid of a geometry for the _DirectSunHours component, to overcome the problem of having a uniform grid and not to have the situation like the image.

The daylight analysis component, uses the _gentestpoints to create the sensor grid, but if the geometry is “badly” constructed, I have the same problem using the _gentestpoints.
In this case I solve the problem with the amazing component of AntonelloDiNunzio from this topic: Uniform grid for unclosed surfaces with hole, but I can’t used for the first option.

Greetings and best regard

Hi @LaFleur, I assume this one is talking about the Ladybug’s DiectSunHours component. In that case if you mesh the geometry beforehand, it will reuse the center of the input meshes. You can also quickly rebuilt the problematic faces in Rhino to get a clean mesh.