Get temperature distribution with butterfly in outdoor simulation

I am trying to run outdoor simulation with buoyant effect, and I have asign temperature to my geometry,
I have been trying to take buoyant effect into account by connecting heatTransferReceipe component to Solution , but solution showed the same temperature around the buliding,which was the same value input in Heat Transform Recipe,

Please tell whether I did something wrong! At the same time I want to ask that can butterfly simulation the outdoor temperature influenced by solar radiation and wind?? this is very important,I am looking forward for your reply!!

Hi @WuXue,

Do you have any heat inputs in your model? If not, this looks like an isothermal case to me and a constant temperature is kind of logical I guess.

In such a case, I would probably enable buoyancy to assess wind movement and not temperature distribution.

Kind regards,

Thank you for the reply,
there is heat inputs in this model, I have set the temperature for the building to 20 C in wallBoundary. However, the solution still showed the same temperature input in the Heat Transform Recipe.