Get wall elements

Hi all,

is there a way to extract the walls (with the holes from apertures cut out) from the HB model?

Did you try the VizByType component (walls output)?

If you want the ‘punched geom’ as a brep:

‘Face’ has a punched_geometry prop

import ladybug_rhino.fromgeometry as fg

punched_brep_ = fg.from_face3d_to_solid(_face.punched_geometry, 0) (15.4 KB)


Yes, butthat way you’ll get walls and windows. But the walls don’t have the hole from the windows :wink:

I can’t check right now, but i’m pretty sure you get the mesh walls with the holes on them.
Will check tomorrow.

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@Mathiassn @AbrahamYezioro is right viz by type does it too

idk why I kneejerk “uses SDK” for like everything… #does_extra_work_all_the_time smdh lol :roll_eyes:

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Tx @TrevorFedyna ,
Saved me the check time.

@TrevorFedyna FYI:

As you can see, even though the geometry looks right, behind scenes something else happens. In this case there are two surfaces instead only one (as expected).
Not having much experience using the LBT SDK i believe it is related to making an instance of the original geometry before other actions on it.




Love it. I used your code to create this. (24.5 KB)


Thaaaaaat explains a few things I’d ran into the other day and just threw a work around at rather than thinking deeper on the matter. Ty!