Get zones from honeybee and IDF with eppy

Hi I want to use eppy and honeybee at the same time and I’m not sure if it is possible.
I want to make the zones and run energy plus (open studio) with honeybee, but use Eppy to apply parameters between HBzone and run to not go through honeybee component and avoid default values in between, if is this is something that somebody had tried would be great to let me know and tell me if it is possible.

if you tried anyway to code instead of connecting the components between defining the zones to run , and it is any other way than using eppy would be wonderful to hear.

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Why not just write the IDF using the HB Model To OSM component, edit the IDF with eppy, and then run the edited IDF with the HB Run IDF component.

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To write the IDF using HB Model To OSM I have to run the model, as the model is in block scale, it is so time taking. I was trying to avoid it :slight_smile:

my major goal was to write a simple and controlled IDF file using eppy but I needed to import zone in it, I wanted to use honeybee to define zones and windows only,
maybe it’s complicated process?!

You can input β€œ2” in the run input instead of the β€œ1” (True). It will just whrite the files without running the case.