Getsurfacedata: errors discovered, Program terminates

Hi, Can anyone help me about this error? Thanks. These are my files.

AS(d)-Cold-0.25.3dm (118.6 KB)
AS(d) (204.9 KB)
IAC(d) (230.9 KB)
IAC(d)-Cold-0.25.3dm (122.4 KB)

The error report tells you that there is a roof type surface that does not match the adjacent wall type surface. The matches must obviously have similar types (wall with wall, roof with roof).
You have to recheck these the type by querying the model and see what they are to correct them.
Another error, most likely related to the one above, is that the two constructions are not the inverse of each other. For two surfaces to be adjacent, the layers of their constructions must be reversed. (e.g., Wall1: 01-02-03 and Wall2:03-02-01).
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I check it, but does not work. Thanks for your help.

The roof type surface I show you in the image must be floor type for modeling correctness, but that is not your problem.

Instead, I believe there are two ceiling type surfaces as shown in the image, instead the one in the area above should be an interior floor that matches the ceiling in the area below.

Changing these gives you another severe error to check on the setting of the interior window versus its base surface. Check-it.

Personally I would not have made the airwall as subsurface, energyplus only sees windows as subsurface. I would have done it that way, then set airflow with airflownetwork between zones.

I have not looked at construction, to be verified as per the error report in the post.
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P.s. I looked at this file on the fly, hope it is the correct one. To be more precise about the errors I should look at the .idf file

Thanks for your help. This is idf file.
Uploading: in.idf…

no .idf loaded can you try to reload it please?

in.idf (272.1 KB)

There is a problem with face normals.
You have to check that they are always outgoing by placing in the center of each area. There are several in the model.
You can use Flip or other Rhino commands.

However, putting “AirWall” is not enough to guarantee mass exchange, besides it is not possible to create completely contained opaque subrufaces, the engine does not see them. Biosgna you replace the AirWalls with windowed surfaces with a construction that allows you light exchange and a high transmittance, after which you activate the airflownetwork by defining nodes and pressures.

Good work!

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Hi. I use Flip and it works. What is the different between Flip and Soliddiff?. Can these change the resaults? Thanks for your help.