Getting higher EUI for DOAS w/ FCU than VAV w/ reheat

Dear All,

I am running an energy model for 12 zones (office) for Climate Zone 4A. I am getting a higher EUI for DOAS with fan coil chiller with boiler (148 kWh/m2) when compared to VAV chiller with gas boiler reheat (115 kWh/m2). My understanding is that a DOAS with Fan Coil is more energy efficient as you decouple the ventilation from heating and cooling. While I can lower the Pa in openstudio studio for the DOAS and FCU to reduce the fan energy, I am not able to find out why heating is twice as high for the DOAS with FCU. Does any one have similar issues and could advise?

Re-attaching the grasshopper file. (164.4 KB)