Getting results to pollinate


I am wondering how I can get my results from my parametric study (Daylighting) into pollination without inputting the data manually? Is there anyway to record the results for all the iterations automatically within GH?

For example, I am setting up a study with 35 iterations with two design parameters and I am trying to have SDA and my design parameters as my 3 pollination parameters.




The simplest way to automate the generating/recording of results is to use the Ladybug “Fly” component to cycle through you combination of sliders and use the native GH “record” component to record the results as you cycle through. You can then copy the recorded results from a panel into an excel or csv. There are other workflows (ie. using components that write to excel), which others may comment on here.

At the moment, we don’t have a component that automates everything for the design explorer format but I may add one soon unless someone beats me to it.