Getting the cooling energy consumption result on Grasshopper


I would like to extract the result of the actual cooling energy consumption result (electricity) on Grasshopper. I have set the HVAC to COP of 5. However, when I read the result by component “read EP result”, it still shows the ideal cooling load instead. May I ask how to read the actual electricity consumption instead?


Hi,@Ivanita It is hard to answer you without the grasshopper definition.Please upload this file.

If you are using the Ideal System for loads calculations it is not applying any COP. You need to do post processing of the results.

Thanks for your reply @AbrahamYezioro. I am a bit confused still. Would you mind elaborating “using the Ideal System for loads calculations”? I have already set the COP by using the “Cooling Details” component, is it still not enough? May I ask how to make sure that the COP is changed in Grasshopper?

Thanks very much.

From your original post i assumed that the HVAC that you choose is “Ideal System”. Am i right? If you didn’t choose any and you set that the HBZones are conditioned, the default is using this type of system … which is not a real one. It is a good choice to get the different loads of a “generic” system. In such a case (system) you can not define COP (like you can using other systems), and you need to post process your results in order to take the COP into account.
Hope it is clear (er) now.