Gh file built using Rhino 6 crashes when opening in Rhino 7

I have recently upgraded to Rhino 7 and have a lot of legacy Grasshopper files which were built using Rhino 6. When I try to open these in using v7 both Grasshopper and Rhino crash with no error message shown. These models were built using LB Tools 1.2, the behavior is the same in Rhino 7 regardless of if I have LB1.2 or LB1.5 installed. This also occurs both on my computer which previously had Rhino 6 and LB1.2 installed, and on a different computer with a fresh install of Rhino 7 and LB1.5.

Are there any known incompatibilities for LB Tools between Rhino 6 and Rhino 7? Any extra steps to take when opening an older file in the new software versions?

Is there any way to get more information on what is causing the crash, i.e. an error log or similar which can point towards a solution?

No, not that we know of. Have you tried opening the file with the solver locked to see if there’s something particularly odd about it? You can also try uploading it here, though if it’s an enormous file, we may have difficulty narrowing down what’s exactly causing the issue.

Rhino usually outputs a log when it crashes to the desktop. Do you see anything there?

Thanks Chris,

  • I am able to open the file with the solver locked but don’t see any warnings or errors. unlocking the solver with the file open causes the same crash behavior

  • I don’t have any rhino log files on the desktop

I’m going to try deleting most of the components from the model to see if I can isolate what is causing the issue. If that doesn’t work i’ll post the file here for review.