GHPython scripts not working - HB module error


These two Python scripts I was using suddenly stopped working (from Friday to Monday) and I’m struggling to identify the cause of the error. The issue appears to be related to the HB modules.
All other standard LB and HB components are working properly.

Does anyone have any clues regarding this issue?


I suspect the results module is being renamed to something different. Fix that line and the rest should work.

Thank you for answering, @mostapha but it’s a little bit more complex than just a typo. You can see the subpackage is called result here in the docs. The issue is that @MatteoMerli is not importing the result subpackage of honeybee_energy. He just expects it to be there by using import honeybee_energy, which is not the case given that we don’t automatically import subpackages in our Instead, we wait for when a given module is needed to import it.

Just replace your import statement with this, @MatteoMerli :

from honeybee_energy.result.match import match_rooms_to_data

Then, you can just use the method directly:

data = match_rooms_to_data(data_collections, rooms)
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