Glare analysis error

please help…I am getting an error while trying to use the glare analysis component (Solution exception:invalid literal for float(): open)…

Hi Dalia,

Can you please upload the input .hdr file?


Mostapha, attached the hdr image, also can I upload a .pic file or only .hdr??


12hdr.hdr (813 KB)

Works fine on my system. Can you try the attached file so I can see the full error message. I can check again later today. Also please make sure there is no with space in the file path. (403 KB)

Hey Mostapha,

I’ve been trying all day but couldn’t fix the issue, I even get a missing radiance installation message but I believe since I have daysim and DIVA I should have radiance installed on my machine… right?? here is the error message…

Hi Dalia,

As you can see Honeybee needs standard versions of Radiance and Daysim to be installed. It won’t load the ones from DIVA or any other customized version. You need to install radiance at c:\radiance, and daysim at c:\daysim. If you only want to use glareComponent then you need to download evalglare and copy it to c:\radiance\bin.

Here is a fairly old video (…) and here is a post by James (…).

Once you have evalglare installed you should be able to run the analysis with no issue.



Hi Mostapha,

installed as you said, followed all steps…all errors are gone now (except for the energy plus which isn’t needed here) but still getting this error (1. Solution exception:invalid literal for float(): open)… also when I opened the file I get the error (file created in a newer version)…any thoughts?? print screen attached…

Hi Dalia,

  1. I need to error note inside the panel to see in which line the error happens.

  2. Where did you copy evalglare.exe?

  3. Can you open a command line and type this line and let me know what happens: evalglare -v

Hi Mostapha,

  1. I don’t know how to extract the error… when I click on the error balloon I get this (1. Solution exception:invalid literal for float(): open)

  2. evalglare is in radiance/bin

  3. when I open the command line I get the exact same result as yours…

Hi Dalia, I need you to send me a screen capture like this so I can read the report inside the panel. Looks like you have evalglare installed correctly on your system.