Glare Analysis Honeybee

we are three students working on our master thesis and we should make a glare analysis of a room, everything seems to work, except for the Glare Analysis Honeybee panel that keeps showing the same error.
The message that shows up is:

  1. Failed to find size of the picture. It will be set to 800.
  2. Solution exception:need more than 1 values to unpack

Which could be the problem?
I don’t know why i can’t attach any file…

How did you generate the input HDR image?

it doesn’t let me attach any file because i’m a new user, so i don’t know how to show you…

Erica, just spend a few minutes reading some posts here and you will rapidly gain the right to attach files.

okay, it’s working now.
these are the files that i’m using
HB glare (512.4 KB)
GLARE SEMPLICE r1.3dm (1.0 MB)

It works fine on my machine. Most likely it is because that the path to weather file has several white spaces. Copy the weather file to a different folder with no white space and try again.

i tried to put the epw file on the desktop, but it still isn’t working, could it be something else?

Note that if your user name has spaces, the path to the desktop will also have those spaces - “Desktop” is really:

C:\Users\[user name]\Desktop\

I tried to put it on a USB and this is the path, but it still gives the same error so…
this is the path “E:\ITA_Milano-Linate.160800_IGDG.epw”

The error is happening at the HB_glareAnalysis component.
Can you say that the analysis is performed and you have the results files?
Looks like those are missing …

It runs fine at my end.

There is a slight chance that is a header issue. @erica.pie.ele ,which version of Radiance is installed on your machine? You can find your version by running rtrace -version on the command prompt.