Glare analysis, very high result

Hello everyone ,

I am modelling a building to understand the risk of glare due to the highly glazed envelope. I have assessed the glare on the 21st of March between 8am and 6pm, the changing in DGP seems to be correct. However, with a glazed unit with the Light transmittance set to 0.6, the DGP results in 1.0 in the morning (the value has been assessed at 8am 3 metres inward the facade. The envelope is fully glazed and the floor height is 4.2m

Apparently, I am new user, I cannot upload any file yet, the script will be uploaded as soon as I will be able, meanwhile, I am posting below the screenshots of the results.

It looks like you are looking directly to the source of direct light (in this case sun). In that case a high glare probability is expected.