Glass material, daylight, and energy simulation

Hi, I’m analyzing annual daylight and energy simulation at the same time so I made glass by window LBNL and export it as an Energy plus IDF file then import it to honeybee_import window IDF report then set it as an EPConstruction.
here is the question, i need same exact glass for RAD material input. how should I make this thing up?
If is there any other way to set glass similarly for both EPconstruction and RADmatrial, please help me.

Thank you- N.Z


You can simplify it into glass material (based on Tvis)
Or making it through these steps (Advanced users only!):

If you use 3-phase method you can use the BSDF xml file instead.

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thank you for answering me, so I can use total Tvis calculated on Window LBNL then set it to the radiance glass material. is it right?
and what about the refractive index? what value should I set for it?

@nasrollah Refractive index can use the default value.

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