Glass Material Settings-Light Diffusing Glass

I’m running the room illuminance simulation of the sunlight by Honeybee tools. I would like to set the glass which sunlight passes through to frosted glass, is it possible?
In other words, I want to add diffusion settings to the glass.

If the Honeybee components does not support it, I will try to customize GHPython by referring to the existing one. If you have references and share them to us, I’d be glad.

Thank you for your help !

Hi,@shuta Honeybee can support frosted glass. You can user Radiance trans material.

hi, mingganyin

I have the same problem with shuta and I have tried your way, may I ask a question about how did you set the parameters of ‘_specularReflection’, ‘_diffuseTransmission’ and ‘_specularTransmission’?

The explanation of this component that I found on its home page is like this, which feels more like prescribed options:

‘_specularReflection: Reflected specularity; Matte = min 0, Uncoated Glass ~ .06, Satin = suggested max 0.07
_diffuseTransmission: Diffuse Transmission; Opaque = 0, Transparent = 1
_specularTransmission: Specular Transmission; Diffuse = 0, Clear = 1’

Can I use a customized parameter ? If possible, where can I set the transmittance of a glass?

appreciate your supporting!

@Monica Yeah, you can use a customized parameter. You can follow the issue for the setting trans material.

Thank you for your quick reply, I have checked this webside and unfortunately failed to understand.
For example, if I want to set a glass with 80% TRANSMITTANCE, where should I input this number?


@Monica Maybe we talked two question. If you want to set a glass with 80% TRANSMITTANCE, just use this compotent .

I first tried with this, but I have a problem that the analysis results obtained under different transmittance are the same, for example, the ‘PMV Occupied Thermal Comfort percent’ map is the same when I set the RGB value in 0.1 and 0.9.
Do you know what kind of reason could result in this?

Thank you!

I believe you are confusing daylight simulations (using radiance) and energy simulations (using )S/E+). The definitions you are trying to use don’t have any effect in energy simulations.

Abraham: Thank you for your reply
I have a model that glass with different transmittance rate. And I am running indoor PMV, so in this case, where can set the transmittance parameters?

Thank you

You need to look at the E+ material definitions. There are plenty of examples out there (hydra).
I don’t believe that transmittance is the parameter that most influences comfort in glazing, but do what you need/want to do …

Want to clarify that for transmittance here i mean light transmittance, which is what you are defining for daylight simulations.
There is solar transmittance, and this one indeed influences the comfort.