Glass Panel refracting light based on geometry

Hello everybody, I am having some issues with Honeybee Radiance for a school project. I am currently designing a glass panel which has a certain geometry that refracts light based on the geometry. From my understanding, HoneybeeSurfaces takes in a brep and based on the Radiance material provided, it basically takes the surfaces of the brep and add the Radiance material property.

However, I need to create a glass panel that has the Radiance material property throughout the brep so that it can refract light in a certain way. Hence, since the Radiance material property is only being add to the surface, how can I add the Radiance material property throughout the entire brep?

Lastly, I have attached a file in this post that shows the geometry of the panel.

Thanks in advance

Hey guys sorry but I realise I cannot upload attachments yet.