Glass setting in utci and surroundings in pmv

hello, everyone:
I am doing a comfortable zone analyzing both outdoor and indoor and I know that PMV is usually for indoor simulation while UTCI is for the outdoor case. However, in my case, the analyzing model has two glass facades and other surrounding buildings.
Then when I run the PMV I couldn’t find a way to put other surrounding buildings into the simulation. And when I run the UTCI I also couldn’t figure out how to set the glass. There is an input parameter called ‘windowTransmissivity’ in the ‘outdoor solar temperature Adjustor’ which I have no idea about it.
I made an abstract model for the illustration. My target model actually has multiple levels, so the surrounding buildings have impact on the indoor simulations.
May I have some advice? Thank you for your support

Hi @Monica,

You will have to use honeybee together with ladybug.
Here some basic workflow for the honeybee part.

For more information about Honeybee you can have a look at the video’s from Chris Mackey.