Glazing based on ratio and different EP constructions

Is there a way to use the honeybee Glazing based on ratio component for a zone and two different glazing properties.

I am modeling a single zone. Its west facade have 0.5 shgc and east facade have 0.4 shgc. I tried using Glazing base in on ratio twice one for the west facade and the other for the east facade. The HBObjWGLZ output of the first componet is the input of the second. The problem is that the lastone deleted the glazing of the first one.

Is there a way to do this using this componet.


If you use Honeybee create HBsurfs\ assign glazing by ratio to the two surfaces in question individually and then input them into create zone that may do the trick. But I am no expert. If your able to add the file in question into this thread it would give a bit more to go off of to help brainstorm a solution.


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