Glazing based on Ratio error in not changing sill heights, breakup distances, etc

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I’ve checked to see if there has been a recent post about this, but none seem to be around currently.
I’ve been having unresponsive issues with the Glazing based on Ratio component, and just recently an issue with assigning my own glazing surface. It seems a bit glitchy at times, where sometimes it would not break up the windows. The below example shows it finally after a few attempts (or just leaving it to compute for a few minutes), breaking up the windows, but it doesn’t accept the sill height? Is this a bug?

Similarly, I had a go at making my own window (note all geometry I’m trying to make is in grasshopper so the geometry can be parametrically made). I want to make a window based on glazing ratio here as well, but still connect all surfaces individually. To make this, I took the centre of the external wall, and used that point to build up a 4pt surface on the plane of the wall. You can see highlighted in red the surface created that is meant to be the glazing surface, but the glazing creator surface is making a window the size of the wall. Am I missing something here?

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Did you check your document units? Are they in meters?

Ah thanks Mostapha, that fixed my first issue with the sill heights! But did not effect being able to register the surface as a window.

Hi @ElzineBraasch , can you share your file? It makes easier to figure out the problem.

BTW, I attached two way of custom glazing which is similar to your method. (476.0 KB)