Glazing by Ratio on curved geometry -- error: attempted to divide by zero

This is weird. Chris’ Tutorial showed that it was possible to automate glazing even for curved geometry.

I’m planning on automating the creation of glazing for the ‘twisting tower’ on the file, however it can’t create the glazing part. I also tried it on a Rhino cone, it also didn’t work. (493 KB)

Hi Pin,

The issue is because something went wrong with a new function inside the component, it is called secant:

I have to talk to Chris about it.


Thanks Antonello, We should wrap this in a try/exception to avoid issues like this.

Hi Mostapha!

Faster than light. Thanks :wink:

Thanks for the quick replies.

I see… I’ll patiently wait for an update, just let me know if there’s something I can do.


It should be fixed now!…

Thank you both!


updated honeybee on my computer… Now there is no error reported but no windows are produced either.

Same here.

By the way, I have an off-topic question (too trivial to create a new thread).

Is it possible to export baked geometry as colored vectors? (e.g. I’d like to export graphs).


Yes. Check the description of bakeIt input of any Ladybug/Honeybee component.

I’m running into what looks like may be similar issue from this old thread: I am experimenting with running a HB analysis on a model with a curved façade using the Glazing Based on Ratio component.

When I enter a Glazing ratio of 40% or below, the window geometry does not appear in my geometry preview. It seems that that simulation runs but without any windows on my curved (south) façade.

When I enter a Glazing ratio of 50% or above, the window geometry does appear in the preview, but the simulation results in a fatal error: 5. The simulation has not run correctly because of this fatal error:
** Severe ** Temperature (high) out of bounds [824.79] for zone=“ZONE_6”, for surface=“ZONE_6_SRF_2_GLZP_2”

My script is attached.
It looks like others may have continued to run into this similar problem. What am I missing?

Glazing on Curved (669.5 KB)

Hey @molly ,

The unreliable nature of working with curved geometry in the Legacy plugin can be calked up to the fact that the Rhino “Offset Curve on Surface” method that’s used to produce the window doesn’t always return a result that yields a valid window surface. The philosophy that we took in the LBT plugin that was released last week handles cases of single-curvature MUCH more cleanly and results in much faster energy simulations since you need a lot fewer polygons to represent the curvature:

If you have to build an energy model starting from curved geometry, I would generally recommend using the LBT plugin over legacy since you can get a lot more control over how the geometry gets planarized for EnergyPlus in the new plugin.


Hi @chris, Thanks for the response and suggestions. I’ll give it a shot with the new plugins!