Glazing by ratio on model made of zones

TEST (668.7 KB)

I have a problem with my algorithm and I really hope someone can help me.
My problem is the following one:
I made a model made of 5 zones, each made of surfaces. This model represents a modular room in centre of the building and hence has only one exterior wall. All the other surfaces are defined as interior, except the surfaces inside the room that are defined as air walls.
I added a Glazing by ration to that one external wall and I want to explore the impact of the glazing percentage on this room, i.e. on its zones.

However, the problem is that when the glazing percentage increases, the temperature inside the room decreases, and this is not normal.
This is seen through the usage of the HB Color Zones by EP results.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @anjamilovanovic88,
Hard to say without the weather file. If outside air temperature is low and it is cloudy the zone can loose heat to outside.

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Hi Devang, thanks for response. The weather file is for Belgrade, Serbia.

SRB_Belgrade.132720_IWEC.epw (1.5 MB)


I believe @devang is correct. I just checked Belgrade’s .stat file and it has:

-  396 annual (standard) cooling degree-days (18.3°C baseline)
- 2755 annual (standard) heating degree-days (18.3°C baseline) 

Unless internal heat gains, and thermal resistance of your envelope is really high… I think you’re losing heat through your windows because of the cooler outdoor ambient temperature.

I suggest using the EP_Results component to look at your energy breakdown, with particular attention paid to the heat transfer through transparent surfaces, compared to the outdoor drybulb temperature over the year. Constructing an Energy Balance chart will also help.

Here is a sample file for creating and energy balance chart.

I remember when I checked this example in the newer version, to prevent Energyplus missing construction name error it is necessary to set boundary conditions (Adiabatic) of the surfaces.
Here is the updated file: Energy_Balance (617.1 KB)