Glazing Comfort Tool - openstudio Error

Hello everyone

first of all thanks for the time, I’m trying to make a simulation to evaluate the comfort of the people in a building covered in glasses in (Brazil) near the equator

my first question is whether the Glazing comfort tool would work for hot climates.

My second question is about an error that is in the image that I have no idea what can be.

Glazing Comfort.3dm (227.2 KB)

Glazing (754.2 KB)

From looking at your image I can see right off the back that you have a non-convex model. Energyplus does not like that. So you have to fix that. Basically you have to break your model down into convex spaces.

the same rule applies to surfaces. check out the following links


@vinicius_petrucci ,
If you are referring the the glazing and winter comfort example file on Hydra, that example is only meant to evaluate discomfort from cold conditions (as the name suggests). You can still use Honeybee microclimate maps to evaluate hot conditions on the equator or in the sun but an example file like this might be a better starting point:

I’ll aslo add that @FabianPosadas comment about concave zones is important and separating the room into zones with air walls in between them is the right move for a simulation where you are trying to get out energy use. However, this can mess with thermal comfort maps because air walls in E+ will block the radiant heat transfer between internal surfaces, giving you interior surface temperatures that may be off by a couple of degrees. For this reason, we are in the process of implenting a component that uses a radiance utility to compute view factors. This will allow you to keep your concave geometry as one zone and get the correct radiant heat transfer between surfaces. I’m hoping to have the component out within a couple of weeks and I’ll make a post on the forum when it’s done.