Glazing Comfort Tool

Hallo everyone

first of all thanks for the time. I am trying to use Glazing Comfort Tool an d having a problem. The problem is the visualization result is just blue. If I change the weather data or U-Value from the Window, but It doesn’t change.

I downloaded this sample file and just try to use it.,0

Could you please any comment about the reason and how I can solve it.

For all comments, thanks in advance


I happened to have done a test run on this 2016 script as well (that is built with Legacy components) and my results are all blue as well…anyone have insight on this?

Legacy does not work correctly in Rhino 7 so I recommend using Rhino 6 for this old file. Also, make sure that your units are correct.

If I get the chance, I’ll try to make a LBT plugin version of this sample.

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