Glazing creator errors far from origin


I think I have found a possible bug with honeybee and glazing creation by ratio, when your model is far away from the origin.

I’ve attached a sample file with two shoebox thermal models one near the origin {0,0,0} and one near {536000, 180000, 0}.

Glazing creator error away from (204.8 KB)

The geometry of the windows looks fine in grasshopper if I decompose the zone surfaces. But if you read the IDF files the vertices of the windows for the shoebox away from the origin seem to be off the facade, I’m guessing this is due to rounding errors.

Top view of shoebox close to origin with lower left vertex of glazing highlighted

Top view of shoebox away from origin with lower left vertex of glazing highlighted. Note how the glazing vertices are not exactly on the facade line. The e+ simulation still works but in other cases this was causing more complex glazing geometry to create zero area glazing in the IDF file, causing the simulation to abort.

I’ve found a workaround, but it would be good to know whether this can be fixed?


The windows look fine on both instances you posted.
I suggest to check/change the tolerance in Rhino. I’m using 0.001 value with meters.