Glazing creator problem

WHEN I SIMPLY DRAG THE GH OF 006_annualDaylightAnalysis_I_gettingStarted… WITH NO CHANGE I FACE THIS PROBLEM

Hi Mahmoud,

I can’t reproduce the problem. Did you set step1, 2 to True?

Can you connect the output of SolveAdjacency to askMe component?

It also helps if you can open the Glazing Generator component and press test and let me know what is exactly the error message?

Let’s see if we can get it fixed for you.




I modified the code to address this issue. Can you check the attached file and let me know if it works fine on your system?


-Mostapha (77.2 KB)

Hi Mostapha,

Breps are not converting into HBobj for some odd reason ( as seen in the printscreen). I have checked my GHpython component several times, even reverted to GHpython 0.5.101 from the latest GHpython. I have tested the components and they were successful. I am not sure if I am missing something or not? I even tried the file you uploaded here on this discussion page (also attached). Also, I have the latest grasshopper installed.


Hi Yassin,

Thank you for reporting this. It is fine to use the latest version of GHPython (I actually added a check to ask the users to update to the latest version!)

I guess this is an error with Copy.DeepCopy(). Can you test the attached file? It should work on your system but also give you a warning.

I also added a component that should print paths and version of Python that you are using. Can you please send me an screenshot of the output on your system? That can help to track down the issue.


Mostapha (82.1 KB)

Thanks Mostapha,

It works fine but I am assuming it will only work on this particular file. I have attached the screen shot.

Thanks Yassin,

If you copy the Honeybee_Honeybee component from this file to any other files it will solve the issue on your system. It can work as a temporary fix but the problem seems to be the version of IronPython that you are using. It is 2.7.0 - beta.

If you update the IronPython to 2.7.3 or higher it should totally solve the issue (

It is strange that different versions of Rhino install different versions of IronPython!


Thanks Mostapha, really appreciate it. BTW great work! :slight_smile:

You’re very welcome. :slight_smile: Let me know in case you updated the IronPython and it didn’t solve the problem. Thanks.

Good morning Mostapha,

Unfortunately, it didnt work after I updated IronPython, I had to copy the Honeybee_Honeybee component from the file to make it work.

Hi Yassin, Thanks. Good to know. For the last try can you check the attached file. The only difference is that it will print the error message. I cannot reproduce the error so it is really hard to debug. :slight_smile: (81.2 KB)

Thanks Yassin, Will keep you posted!