Glazing Display Problem

Hello all!

I am fairly new to GH/Rhino and wanted to see if anyone could offer help on the issue I’m having. I exported from IESVE to gbXML to see how the model would transition over to HB. So far the process has been going smoothly, but I cannot figure out why my windows are not showing up clearly. Could anyone offer some help?

Hi,@jroth93 According to your description, It is hard to answer your question. You can upload the gbXML file to this forum, or you can view the gbXML using spider viewer.

I am currently unable to upload my gbXML (the website says attachments are unavailable for new users).

I put my gbXML into the Spider Maevia viewer and it showed up as shown below. I am wondering why in Rhino there is the blue/green mixture where it should just be showing blue for my windows. It seems like there is some sort of adjacency issue.

I found the solution to my problem! I needed to toggle off the Preview option on the XMLTOHB Node.