Glazing Percentage not behaving as I think it is supposed to?

I have a puzzling behaviour with a simple one zone test model.

I wish to run it testing ratios of different material mixes in each of the four walls. Hence each wall of the simple shoebox model has two surfaces each making up a particular fraction of the wall.

Instead of geometry created from a box/brep, it is made up of 10 surfaces (8 walls, 2 for each cardinal direction, plus floor and roof) using the createHB Zones (from surfaces) widget.

I wish to test different combinations of percent of wall material and percent of glazing, so do not want to go through a laborious addition of glazing geometry unless absolutely necessary. Therefore I am using the HB glazing creator widget. However, I want to have just the (sun) wall with windows.

With a standard single number entered as the % glazing, all 8 wall surfaces are modelled with the appropriate % glass. When I create a list with just the first (North) entry as a % and all other lines in the list 0, I get an odd behaviour (as can be seen in the screen capture of the wall geometry): windows in both the North and the South walls!

I have checked the wall orientation and ladybug identifies that each surface is facing in the correct direction.

I have tried lists that are 4 items in length (North, East, South West çardinals) and that are 8 long (North, NorthEast, East, South East, South, etc…) and still get this anomalous behaviour.

I attach the file and hope that someone may have an answer.


Before running the full Ladybug Fly 120 simulationsSingleZoneViewPositions.3dm.rhl (51 Bytes) (812.5 KB)


Well, seems to be there is a bug in the HB_createHBZones component. From your original file the readMe! output says that the normal direction was fixed for different orientations. That was red light for me. So i checked the normal of each wall surface. many of them were oriented “wrongly” (South to north and so on). I flipped them. Now the readMe! output is not giving any remark and the windows are created correctly.
Attached the file.
-A. (803.8 KB)

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Thanks. Brilliant.

I wondered about that, but the ladybug orientation tool showed them as oriented correctly, and I had tried flipping one but it didn’t work.

Very grateful.