Glazing - rhino crash

Hello guys and girls,

I am getting really god at crashing rhino lately. So I am asking you for a little bit of help. I am doing a test to see if the location of different zones affects the energy outcome (thesis project) but when I put just the second level in - approx a total of 80 zones in total - it crashes when it should calculate the glazing. However it does it for the first 40 zones (first level) but not when I add the second level. So I am really puzzled to why is that - are there any settings I am skipping?

Any crazy ideas are more than welcomed! I have added the definition for who wants to take a peak. :wink: (1.79 MB)

Hi Stefania,

I have no problem with adding glazing first before solve adjacency.

-Mingbo (1.82 MB)

smart! thank you so much - it never occurred to me to do it in reverse.

spoke to soon, have the same issue no matter how I turn and twist stuff.

Hi Stefina. Is your Rhino updated to the latest version?

Yes it is. I reinstalled windows this weekend and reinstalled Rhino, the latest edition.