Glazing shading factor (external shading context) in energy simulation

Hello there,

I am modelling just a simple zone model in HB energy simulation and I am trying to understand what I am actually modelling. So my most important question is: what is the timestep for the shading factor calculation when using external shading context (does setting the Calculation method to TimestepFrequency in the ShadowPar component and the timestep to 60 in the energyIimPar component mean it will be calculated for every minute of my analysis period?)? Better yet, can I see the result of this calculation somewhere?

Thanks a lot in advance!

For the first part of your question the best resource is EnergyPlus Input Output reference: Group – Simulation Parameters: Input Output Reference — EnergyPlus 8.5

Yes. Request output frequency at the Timestep level. By default it is set to Monthly or Hourly.

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