Got errors when openning Butterfly+OpenFOAM webinar case file

I got the following errors when opening the case file “Dogville_gradientMesh” provided in the Buttefly+OpenFOAM webminar through Performance Network. Similar errors were also reported for the other two case files provided.

I’m using ParaView v5.0.1 in Mac OS X.

May I ask the source of these errors?


… let me reply to myself,

It seems this only happens for ParaView for Mac OS X. The same case file can be open correctly in ParaView for Windows.

Nevertheless, I wonder why the Mac version of ParaView doesn’t function as expected…

Hi Grasshope,

Thank you for adding that. I was going to say I’m not sure what this is, apart from reminding me a very obscure error that I faced at one point a couple of years back. I believe it had to do with Paraview versions back then. Still not sure why it happens now.

Can you try downloading the newest version (5.4)? If it is available for Mac that is.

Kind regards,

Dear Theodore, Thanks for the suggestion.

Yes, upgrading ParaView to the latest version (v5.4) solves the issue.

Much obliged for your webinar, and I’ll try the multi grading definition you described later which is very interesting.