Graphing the Energy Performance after using the LBT 1.2 Honeybee-Energy HVAC definitions

Thanks for the help with the Natural Ventilation option (Honeybee Energy and Natural Ventilation appearing as a substantial cooling component in the Energy Balance - #2 by chris) - next on my list is mixed-mode. Before that, I just have one final reporting conundrum:

My energy model clearly runs with All of the HVAC Heat/Cool / DOAS / All-air systems.

However, the Room energy model extract widget does not seem to be behaving as I would expect (so no monthly heating and cooling graph):

(Those red lines indicate no data)

The data is clearly available in some form because I can extract the annual EUI etc:

writing out this data:

I have looked at setting up to extract a custom output, but from the hundreds of options I cannot figure out a valid one.


@MichaelDonn ,

What version of EnergyPlus is Honeybee using (you can use the “HB Check Versions” component to see)?

Between 9.3 and 9.4, the E+ team decided to change the names of all the outputs that are related to electricity and natural gas, which can cause a situation like this. So make sure you are using LBT core libraries from the 1.2 release and E+ 9.4.